Blue Slate Commemorative Plaques - 4 sizes to 16" x 12"

Blue Slate Commemorative Plaques - 4 sizes to 16" x 12"
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Quarried 400 feet below ground from natural Cornish Slate, these Commemorative Plaques are maintenance free, weather-proof and rot proof.

They are made to order and available in various different styles and colours, giving each Commemorative Plaques an individual character.
Commemorative Plaques are 15-20mm thick and honed on the face and all 4 edges

Ordering Hints
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10 x 8ins (254 x 203mm) Maximum 4 lines of 15 characters
12 x 9ins (305 x 229mm) Maximum 5 lines of 18 characters
14 x 10ins (356 x 254mm) Maximum 6 lines of 21 characters
16 x 12ins (406 x 305mm) Maximum 7 lines of 24 characters

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