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Buy Buddha and Contemplative Figures

JapanGarden.co.uk offer a unique range of Buddha and Contemplative statues and designs to help you create an air of serenity.

Not all these figures have oriental connections, but they are harmonious and beautiful
Buddha Fumio
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Buddha Hisanobu
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Fat "Happy" Buddha 460mm high
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Fat "Happy" Buddha Futotta Hotei Hotoke 600mm high
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Fat "Happy" Buddha Hotei Hotoke 60cm
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Hotei Hotoke - Happy Hands in air 600mm high
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Illuminated Buddha 300mm H
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Impressive Rock Buddha 650mm high
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Large Lady Granite Buddha 1000mm high
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Limestone Eagle Available in 3 sizes to 1.5m
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Shi Chi Fukujin "Old Monk" 60cm High Solid Grey Granite
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Sitting Buddha - Available in two sizes
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