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Buy Japanese Needles and Twine

Needles and Twine( Shuro-Nawa)

Shuro-Nawa is a traditional black twine made from palm fibre. It is a strong, coarse twine with a twist. The twine is soaked, applied wet, then tied off . When the twine dries it tightens making a strong connection.
3mm 2ply 20 m hank Black twine
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3mm 2ply 50m roll Blacktwine
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4mm 2ply 100m roll palm twine
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6mm 2ply 50m roll Black twine
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Copper Wire 2mm 500g spool approx 17m
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Curved Bayonette Juuken Needle
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Metal Post Caps for Round Poles
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Straight Fencing Needle
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