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Buy Pink Granite Ornaments

Pink Granite Ornaments

Pink Granite is a beautiful stone, our range includes many stone lanterns, Pagoda, Rankei and Rokkaku Yukimi. It is carved in China to traditional Japanese designs and this range offers some of the highest quality products available. Pink Granite undergoes a change of hue when wet, it turns a deeper pink colour. It is written that Japanese house owners would pour water on their garden lanterns and ornaments before visitors arrived to show off the beauty of the stone. Pink Granite ornaments can sometimes be out of stock, they are quite rare in the UK. It is advised to email us if you wish to purchase then we can check availability.
1500mm Silver Grey Granite Pagoda Hansen
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Foji Gata
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Lotus 35cm Pink Granite
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Pink Granite Rankei
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Pink Rokkaku Yukimi
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Roji Gata 35cm Pink Granite
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Rustic Rankei
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