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Buy Specialist Paving - Granite and Sandstone

Paving (Tobi-ishi) 

These aged "Nara" solid granite block setts are crafted from  grey "salt and pepper "granite and are a must for any garden.

Our granite products are available in standard G603 "Salt and Pepper " grey granite with black speckles. Some items have optional colours in G682 "Beige and Rust" with rust speckles and G635 "Pink and Grey".

The description on item will let you know colours available, however these colours are not standard and may have to be ordered

Your piece of carving will arrive looking brand new, it does not look aged like some of the illustrations in the Showcase Gardens or elsewhere on this website. There are a few tricks to aging granite and these are available in our nformation section.

Travertine Flooring 3.7x3.7m pack
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