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Buy Traditional Bamboo Deer Scarers

Deer Scarer "Shishi-Odoshi"

The Shishi Odoshi or "deer scarer" was originally used by Japanese farmers to scare off deer and boar from their rice crops, and later it has become part of the Japanese garden, with the regular hollow knocking sound and running water made by the shishi-odoshi complements the serenity and silence of the Japanese garden today.

As the water flows from the "Kakehi" or bamboo water spout into the end of the shishi-odoshi the pivoted length of bamboo is tipped forward and the water runs out and then falls back onto a stone to create the "knocking noise"
Set on the edge of a pond or stream or " Dry" for decorative purposes the bamboo deer scarer is an essential and interesting element of any Japanese garden


Bamboo Classic Spout 90cm tall
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Deer Scarer - Large
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Deer Scarer - Small
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Solar Pond Pump 5 watt 400lph
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