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Bamboo Fountain (Kakehi)

The Kakehi (Bamboo Fountain) is a waterspout consisting of a vertical bamboo pipe in which the internal part of each node (joint) has been bored out to accept a plastic hosepipe. At the head of the vertical bamboo pipe a "Komagshira" or scorched timber joint drilled out to accept the vertical and horizontal bamboo pipes, the komagashira timber top section is either square in section or round.


At the ancient pond
a frog plunges into
the sound of water
Basho Matsuo (1644 ~ 1694)


The " Kakehi " has a number of uses, used to feed water into a stone water basin (Chozubachi) or to trickle water into the end of a Deer Scarer (Shishi-Odoshi). It can simply be used on its our as a water fountain to pour water onto a stream or pond and creates an interesting feature into any water garden setting or Koi pond.

Our Kakehi are supplied ready to install into your garden complete with internal plastic hose.

Bamboo Classic Spout 90cm tall
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Bamboo Fountain Large
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Bamboo Fountain Medium
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Bamboo Fountain Small
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Custom Made Japanese Style Bamboo Water Spout
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Giant Bamboo Cantilever Waterfall 100cm and 150cm
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Handmade Real Bamboo Water Tower Hanoki-san
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Long Nose Open Bamboo Spout -two sizes 60cm and 100cm h
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Simple Funsui Water Spout - 2 sizes available 50 cm and 85cm
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Traditional Japanese Style Bamboo Water Spout "Kakei "
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Solar Pond Pump 5 watt 400lph
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