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Water Basins
"Chozubachi" or "Tsukubai"

The chozubachi and tsukubai have had a time honoured place in Japanese gardens and tea gardens for centuries. Granite stone water basins or chozubachi originated in ancient shrines and temples for worshipers to wash their hands and mouth as a symbol of purification. The water basin originated as a chozubachi, were usually 16" or taller in height.

Japanese tea masters later redesigned the bowls for Japanese tea gardens to the height of 12" or shorter to create the tsukubai. The tsukubai or crouching bowl was designed to humble the guest and create the right state of mind in the Japanese tea garden before entering the tea house.

The above diagram shows a typical pumped installation.

Your piece of carving will arrive looking brand new, it does not look aged like some of the illustrations in the Showcase Gardens or elsewhere on this website.

There are a few tricks to aging granite and these are in our Information Section

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Custom Made Japanese Style Bamboo Water Spout
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Double Zenigata Water Basin
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Ginkukuji - Available in two sizes
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Grey Granite Inscribed Tsukubai Bowl 40 cm
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Handmade Real Bamboo Water Tower Hanoki-san
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Henta Rough Hewn Basin
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Hesti 90cm high Silver Grey Granite
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Kiku-Bachi water basin - Available in three sizes
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