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Buy Traditional Hot Tubs and Japanese Style Oforu

Bathe like Japanese.
Plewase view our range of beautiful Hot Tubs and traditional Japanese style Ofuro baths.
A traditional Japanese Ofuro room is a sanctuary with a showering and washing area.

If you have visited Japan you will know the merits of taking a Japanese bath
Our handmade bath is an object of beauty and a quiet place to cleanse the soul.

We have found over the last few years that Ofuro baths have shot up in price, and now coupled with higher shipping costs and import duties put a standard square sided Onsen bath 60x30x26ins h at 18,000 to 24,000 GBP

To this end, in early 2021 we will be manufacturing our own range of baths in Red Cedar, Teak, Larch and Black Walnut. These we expect to be far more affordable, with the range yet to be confirmed prices starting at £9000.

The main advantage of us manufacturing is that clients instructions can be acted on immediately, not translated into Japanese, there is less likelihood of damage in transit and in many cases a higher grade of product as we will take charge of our quality control.

If you have sizes or designs you are considering perhaps we can discuss further
Ofuro : Japangarden Larch and Cedar Kyoto Ofuro Circular
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Ofuro : Alaskan Yellow Cedar Koya and Hinoki
desc here
Ofuro : Hinoki Shikoku Ellipse 42" to 60" or custom
desc here
Floor grates (Sunoko)
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Kiso Hinoki Isu Cypress Wood Stool
desc here
Kiso Hinoki Oke Cypress Wood Basin
desc here
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Small wooden bathing bucket with handle
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Ofuro Drain
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