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Buy Traditional Japanese Style Rain Chains

Rain Chains (Kusari-Doi)


In Japan, Kusari-Doi or "rain chains" have been used for hundreds of years, copper rain chains can be found on homes, gardens and temples throughout Japan.

The sea darkens; the voices of the wild ducks are faintly white.
Basho Matsuo (1644 ~ 1694)

"Kusari-Doi" provide a beautiful and functional substitute for the rainwater gutter down pipe, producing a lovely cascade of water flowing gracefully between the sections of rings or cups, and are normally finished at ground level with a weight buried in pebbles to keep the chain taught in the wind, the water from the chain may be fed into a large pot or suitable drain covered in pebbles.

We are able to supply the largest selection of Copper rain chains outside Japan, our rain chains are available in many designs and of different materials and prices, copper chains being the best and most elegant, and in time will weather to a delightful "Verdigis Patina". Aluminium and Copper coloured ABS plastic are lovely, are also available and have their place particularly for long runs of chain where price or weight is a consideration.

Our Rain Chains come in lengths from 8ft 6ins and can be made to suit your project.
Simply replace your existing down pipe by fitting our chain to the rain gutter hole or corner eaves of your home or patio.

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