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Buy Water Feature Installation Accessories

Water Feature Installation Accessories

We have a wide range of products to help you install your water features.

Above is a pre-formed reservoir which is dug into the ground, allowing safe positioning of the water pump and feature on the top. We also have a range of water pumps appropriate for the task together with many ways of illuminating the feature. Installation guidance can be found in our information section

Brass Ballcock and plastic float
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Solar Pond Pump 5 watt 400lph
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Galvanised Grids for Reservoir 70-115cm
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Reservoir and Pump with Galvanised Grid/Pump/Ballvalve
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Ubbink Deep Reservoir, available in 3 sizes with galvanised grid
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5w Halogen Light 1.8m cable 12v
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Halogen Pencil Light
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IP64 Exterior Weatherproof Enclosure
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Patio Box for water reservoir
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Replacement Bulbs and covers for Halogen Pencil Light
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Spotty Light
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