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Buy Wooden, Bamboo and Shoji Paper Folding Screens

Oriental Folding Screens and Room Dividers

Welcome to probably one of the largest online collections of beautiful folding screens in Europe. Offering a wide range of Oriental 3 fold and 4 fold screens, from traditional Shoji Paper to solid bamboo and versatile Venetian screens.
Ideal for dividing off living space, for hiding away computers and televisions or for making informal work areas.
This is our most popular screen, now with free delivery in the UK, "Shina" is a traditional elegant 4 fold shoji screen. Ideal for a room division or privacy screen to allow daylight to illuminate room areas, it has delicate timber and paper panels setting an air of translucent serenity as the light diffuses through the paper.
These screens make excellent privacy screens and room dividers for beauticians, therapy rooms, private medical rooms or changing room screening. Ideal for office divisions as they are flexible and easy to carry.
  • Generally each panel is 45cm wide, which means that a 3 fold screen when opened out and standing by itself will cover 4ft, a 4 fold screen 5ft approx.
  • Screens can be fixed to walls to make them more stable
  • Screens are manufactured in China

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2m high Black Oriental Shoji Paper Screen 4 fold
desc here
2m high Natural Oriental Shoji Paper Screen 4 fold
desc here
Bamboo Shoji Double Cross Oriental Shoji Paper Screen: JW
desc here
Double Cross Black Oriental Shoji Paper Screen 3 fold
desc here
desc here
Double Cross Natural Oriental Shoji Paper Screen: 1840DC JW
desc here
A DIY Guide to making your own Screens ISBN: 0870118641
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AcryWarlon Sheet 1mm to 5mm - Shoji
desc here
Iron - On Shoji Paper Unryu (roll) 3.6m x 93cm
desc here
LP2 Unury Film Backed Paper 5m and 20m rolls
desc here
desc here
Rigid Acrylic Warlon Sheet - Shoji 1mm - 910 x 1820mm
desc here