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Cotswold Thin Walling Stone 1.5-3.5ins thick - per tonne

Cotswold Thin Walling Stone 1.5-3.5ins thick - per tonne
Weathered Cotswold Stone Wall Cotswold Stone Walling Cotswold Stone Weathered Cotswold Stone Wall Weathered Cotswold Stone Wall
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Traditional Natural Cotswold Thin Walling Stone.
Approximately 3 square face Metres per tonne
Variations in shade and size will naturally occur
The picture is of a weathered stone wall and not representative of the new, as-quarried material.
Crated, per tonne
Approx 2 1/2" thickness easily worked and cropped
Averaging 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches random
Gauged to between 4 and 5 inches
Random Length

Detailed Stone Specification

Type: Cotswold – Fullers Earth – Lias type

Petrological Family: Limestone, Jurassic - is a hard and generally flat limestone

Colour: Mixture of creamy Grey with some buff/brown and blue colours giving the stone a slightly ‘oldie worldly’ weathered look.

Origin: GL54
Conforms to: BSEN12371

Cropped dry stone walling

Supplied in random bags, cropped to approximately 115 to 125mm on bed; random lengths with rise heights anywhere between approximately 25 to 90mm (1” - 3.5”).

You should get 3.5 face M2 to a bag if you are leaving the front with no mortar showing, 4 M2 with a full mortar bed.

Our cropped walling is a rough dressed building stone; therefore it may require some work to fit/dressing. Our stone is generally flat in nature and should not require too much dressing, but it is usually better to have experienced stone layers rather than 'Bricklayers' on a project using this type of stone.

The rise heights/bed widths are mentioned in the Specification above.