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Courtyard Garden - Central London

Courtyard Garden - Central London
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Designed urban oasis in central London

Urban outdoor spaces, court yards and front gardens deserve to be cared for. They can be fantastic welcoming spaces and private urban oasis. They can also help increase the value of your property.

Most city front gardens and court yards are small and often in shady areas, but they can be great for showcasing garden art, such as sculptures, feature plants and light installations.

This small city court yard tucked away in central London was designed and transformed into a warm, uplifting light well with visual inspiration. Plants were carefully chosen with structure and balance for harmony and sophistication.

Light was key to success and with careful planning brightened up the rooms inside. The combination of bold, golden brown timber frames and soft light gave the city court yard character at night with interesting shadows and backdrops. Details, choice of paint and matching materials made this court yard feel like a bigger seamless space and were key to this successful garden design.

Make the most out of your city court yard by having it professionally designed and you can make a dramatic improvement to your home and let your property stand out from the rest!