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Designer : Robert Ketchell : Sansui Design

Designer : Robert Ketchell : Sansui Design
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Robert Ketchell, senior director; has studied horticulture and landscape design in Britain.

He furthered his education by becoming an apprentice to Kyoto master gardener, Susumu Kobayashi, with whom he studied for three and a half years. He was also a Research student at Kyoto University, under Professor Makoto Nakamura, which enabled him to study the historical and philosophical basis of the garden tradition.

The experience of studying landscape gardening in Japan was a life-changing one, as it opened doors of perception, intuition and awareness. Since that time over twenty years ago, he has continued to visit Kyoto and study Japanese gardens.

Currently chairman of the Japanese Garden Society (based in the UK), he is also an author, lecturer, documentary film maker, and tour guide, as well as finding time to continue the pursuit of an obsession with creating gardens. He has created gardens in the UK, Europe and the USA.