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Envirograf 321 Fire Retardant Spray

Envirograf 321 Fire Retardant Spray
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3-2-1 Fire Retardant Spray is an odourless, aqueous liquid that deposits a flame-retardant impregnation onto various materials such as canvas, cardboard, carpets, Christmas trees (artificial and natural), clothing, dust sheets, polystyrene, polyurethane furniture, tents, upholstery, wallpaper, and some nylon fabrics.

Complies to British Standard BS5438:1989

There are three types of fire retardants that can be applied: Standard, Washable, & Special.

3-2-1 Standard is clear and materials treated with it can be dry cleaned.

3-2-1 Washable is a white liquid that dries clear on materials. Materials treated with it can be given a limited number of washes before re-treatment is required. It is designed for bed linen and other fabrics that require fire retardant qualities but also need to be washed for cleanliness.

3-2-1 Special fire retardant liquid is for application on plastic and nylon synthetic flowers and foliage, as used in hotels, reception rooms, restaurants, and other commercial displays.

Product Use

Paper, theatrical materials, polyurethane foam, carpets, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations etc.

Furniture, bedding, mattresses, curtains, cloth, clothing, etc.

Plastic & synthetic material plants, foliage, flowers, etc.

Envirograf® 3-2-1 comprises ammonium polyphosphate base and inorganic