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Environmental Policy

Commitment Japangarden.co.uk is committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its business activities, wherever this is practicable. We recognise that the pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment must be closely linked and that ecological protection and sustainable development are collective responsibilities in which governments, businesses, individuals, and communities all have a role to play. Responsibility Our Environmental Policy is based upon continuous improvement, consistent with current knowledge. Management Environmental management continues to be a corporate priority, fully integrated into our business. We believe that good environmental performance is a key indicator in demonstrating effective corporate management. Operating Practices Japangarden.co.uk aims to fully meet all its legal obligations to the environment and will work continuously to achieve the best environmental operating practices within the fields it operates. Recycling We promote the need to recycle, and as an organisation endeavour to ensure our products including bags and packaging provide no adverse effect on the natural habitat, wildlife and also human health. For more information on recycling, where to recycle and best practices, please visit www.wasteconnect.co.uk Objectives Our objective is to search for ways to improve material and energy efficiency and to reduce the environmental impact of our products and systems. Japangarden.co.uk will seek to minimise the use of resources and encourage economically and ecologically justified systems for the re-use, recycling or proper disposal of any waste products. 08/08/11 v3