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At JapanGarden.co.uk we like to provide our customers with as much information as possible.

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The Perfect Japanese Home and Garden
This section is devoted to useful pieces of information that we have come across, that will help you in your quest for the perfect Japanese Home and Garden!!


  So you want to build a Japanese Garden?
  Do's and Don'ts of Japanese Gardening

Water feature installation

  Domestic Rain Chain installation
  Basho and Bashos Letter
  History of Shrine lanterns
  Making new granite look old
  Handling Granite
  How to tie Japanese Knots, make bamboo fences and trellis
  The various styles of Japanese Gardens
  Shoji Screen and Bespoke Screen making service
  How to repair shoji screens
  Planting tips
  Tea ceremony
  Terracotta Warriors
  JapanGarden Design and Build
  Tatami Mats and More on Tatami
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