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Inner-city tropical retreat in West London

Inner-city tropical retreat in West London
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Inner-city tropical retreat in West London
An urban garden delights with its clever use of balance and beauty

Step through the brown brick townhouse into a peaceful west London garden and it’s easy to forget the busy city streets just outside. Enclosed by high brick walls, this modern, tropical garden has a quiet elegance designed to soothe even the most jaded of spirits.

“I walk in from work after a long, hectic day, and there I am, in total sanctuary. After a few years living in a big city, constantly being very busy, I felt a need to get away from the high tempo city life without travelling for miles. I am very happy that I decided to work with a professional garden designer” says the client.

This West End London garden was designed essentially for relaxation and entertainment, while remaining low in maintenance. It was important for the client to have a structured garden combined with a unique twist reflecting her personality.

A pair of fan palm trees and the variegated agaves with its sharp, thick leaves are amazing focal points in the garden, combined with soft swaying grasses in green and red that together with the new contrasting cream coloured tiled wall ensure that the garden is calm and restful throughout the year.
The calm space takes on an exotic feeling in the evenings when the feature lighting comes on.

The materials and plants, all combined in an elegant fashion, creates a garden with many interesting details to look at.

“I love living in a big city while still being able to enjoy a private outdoor space. I feel like I have a complete home now, with a beautiful city garden being an extension to my house” concludes the client.