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Japanese Copper Rain Hopper

Japanese Copper Rain Hopper
japanese rain hopper
Due to worldwide fluctuations in Copper, we are pricing these individually on each client enquiry. Please ring 01531 630091 for quotation
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This is "the piece" to compliment any Japanese style rain chain installation, this beautifully hand crafted sheet copper rain hopper for half round gutters can be fitted over your existing gutter outlet section or as a direct replacement, allowing the water to be directed into the rain chain while giving the finishing touch to your rain chain- looks fantastic.
(may require some fitting work for U.K. 4.5" half round gutters or other shapes of guttering with minor modification)

Comes in three sections which fit together with small domed copper bolts or rivets .
300mm( 12") high 220mm( 8.75") wide x 180mm (7")