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Katrurra Lantern Fujian - 90cm *FREE DEL UK*

Katrurra Lantern Fujian - 90cm *FREE DEL UK*
Karturra Granite Lantern
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The Katrurra Fujian solid granite lantern is a handmade item of exceptional quality and competitive price. Our range of Fujian Granite includes lanterns, bridges and statues all carved with care and precision.
We hope that you enjoy both the saving and the craftsmanship.
The hand carved solid granite Katrura lantern is available in the height of 90cm.

It is drilled to accomodate a light fitting if required. Candles can also be inserted.Candles or LED battery lights could also be used

Katrurra Lanterns are frequently seen at the entrance to a Japanese tea garden and as a focal point to a modern day garden. Based on the teaching and tradition of the tea masters, these lanterns were typically used wherever light would be useful even if none is likely to be provided.

Usually placed in a prominent location near a gate, entrance or path intersection.

Please note- this lantern now only available to order- 8/10 week lead time depending on container scheduling