warlon plate warlon plate
The slight green/grey colour is to show the acrylic fleck on your display. The acrylic is a translucent white colour in reality - please ask us to send you a sample
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Rigid Acrylic Sheet - Japanese Manufacture Special Order - Note this is a direct shipping item from Japan.

Costs are product costs - Shipping depends on quantity and carton sizes.
Prices shown are PER SHEET on a full carton rate

The appearance of Shoji paper but is a MPS print film bonded to acrylic sheet on either side. Manufactured in Japan by the leading manufacturer of Shoji paper.

(1) Delicate gravure printing -- the contrast and gradation of delicate light (
2) Compared with common polystyrene resin it ihas better lightfastness
(3) Compared with glass, the material is lightweight, it is strong, and safe.
(4) Matt processing which has texture in the surface is given, and care is also easy
(5) Since there is almost no curvature by moisture absorption and can be used in hot environment, you can use it also in areas such as a bathroom (6) F

Long sheet 2430mm - 4.0mm thickness type is the best also for partition use of interior door or air-conditioning space.

Carton Sizes for shipping
2mm 10 sheets per Carton
3mm 6 sheets per Carton
4mm 4 sheets per Carton Class 4 Fire Rating