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Ofuro : Yellow Cedar Shikoku Ellipse 42" to 60" or custom

Ofuro : Yellow Cedar Shikoku Ellipse 42" to 60" or custom
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Traditional Ofuro Various sizes 42" to 60" or custom
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Cedar wood gives off an amazing aroma which can only be appreciated by soaking in the bath water. The wood also carries many medicinal properties which are released into the water when used as an Ofuro, promoting blood circulation is just one of them.

The Elliptical shape is a classically beautiful shape - curved yet symmetrical yet complex. The ratio of the long diameter to the short diameter is 4:3 - strong and attractive dimensions.

Our Elliptical models come in 4 sizes or we can build a custom size for you. These tubs are for indoor or outdoor use and include a solid brass toe tap drain. 23" of depth makes this a total immersion tub.

All the baths come with a lids made from the same wood and come in segments. This is included in the price.

The bath is complete with drain plug, and lid, but no other fittings such as taps, seats or steps are included. These can be supplied on request

Shikoku ellipse: Diameters 42 x 31
Inside dimensions of 38.5 x 27.5, 23 deep, 29 tall. 100 gallons of water, 1200 lbs filled

Shikoku ellipse: Diameters 48 x 36
Inside dimensions of 44.5" x 32.5", 23" deep, 29" tall. 120 gallons of water, 1500 lbs filled

Shikoku ellipse: Diameters 54 x 42
Inside dimensions of 50.5" x 38.5", 23" deep, 29" tall. 150 gallons of water, 1800 lbs filled

Shikoku ellipse: Diameters 60 x 45
Inside dimensions of 56.5"x 41.5", 23" deep, 29" tall. 180 gallons of water, 2000 lbs filled

We have found over the last few years that Ofuro baths have shot up in price, and now coupled with higher shipping costs and import duties put a standard square sided Onsen bath 60x30x26ins h at 18,000 to 24,000 GBP

To this end, we now manufacture our own range of bespoke baths in Red Cedar, Teak, Larch and Black Walnut. As the interior skin is glass fibre, worrysome maintenance and leakage is immediately avoided.

The main advantage of us manufacturing is that clients instructions can be acted on immediately, not translated into Japanese, there is less likelihood of damage in transit and in many cases a higher grade of product as we will take charge of our quality control.

If you have sizes or designs you are considering perhaps we can discuss further