Set, consisting of 3 Mini Saws

Set, consisting of 3 Mini Saws
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Set, consisting of 3 Mini Saws

This saw set includes a ryoba with teeth on both sides of the blade, a dozuki, and a kataba for cross cutting. These saws come carefully packed in a beautifully-made wooden box.

The saw blades are about 75 mm (3 inches) long with 60 mm of teeth. The grips are about 130 mm (5.2 inches), making a total length of about 215 mm (8.6 inches). The blade width for the ryoba and the kataba is 0.3 mm and the dozuki 0.2 mm. The tooth count of the cross-cut edges is less than 1 mm (26 TPI) and the rip cut teeth about 1.8 mm (14 TPI).

These saws are fully functional, like normal-sized saws, and made to the same high standards. They come from the sawsmith Hishika in Miki, where our traditional professional saws are produced (see photo and saw set above). Look at more photos, and a comparison photo with a normal-size saw.