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Shoji Screen Doors 2.0 to 2.5m wide, 2.0m to 2.4m high 2 doors and track

Shoji Screen Doors 2.0 to 2.5m wide, 2.0m to 2.4m high 2 doors and track
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Fire Retardancy - Shoji Paper and Acrylics together with timber panels offer no structural fire retardancy qualities
UK Delivery
Height Option 2.0m to 2.4m
Please select width of doors
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Enter your exact dimensions
Double Sided - Timber showing both sides
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Our Bespoke Shoji Screen Door Pack - made to measure
2 doors of traditional design complete with top and bottom mounted timber track
Warlon Paper Taf-Top as standard
Delivered with doors assembled and covered for easy d-i-y installation
Overall size : up to 2.5m wide, 2.0m to 2.4m high
Standard one-sided shoji construction -double sided available as optional extra

Softwood Pine  ex 75x25mm bottom/top rails and ex 25x25mm horizontals
Pelmets and track generally ex 125x25mm
Sizes are nominal before machining

Colour choice - natural pine, not varnished or stained or black stained - other colours are available
Delivery 8-10 weeks from order
Please note - measurements are external measurements including track. The shoji frame is not loadbearing. The shoji frames must be installed level and square.
Units can be paired up for wider openings

Information for measuring:
Allow a fitting gap of at least 6mm
Measure your opening carefully - using at least 4 places for horizontal and vertical measurement. It is easier to fill a gap than cut framing or doors to fit. Use the shortest or narrowest measurement.
Make sure the opening is vertical and flat/horizontal using a good spirit level.
Measure the diagonals, lower left to top right, and opposite. If the opening is square, these will be the same.
No allowance is made for skirting boards, pipework or dado rails. These must be altered on site by you.

Ordering Information
1. Select the next size above your requirements, enter your exact sizing into the text box.
2. Go through the checkout process and select QUOTATION. Don't pay for the doors yet, we will give you a ring or email and confirm every detail with you before proceeding
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