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Showcase garden: George Nessfield

Garden Showcase - George Nesfield

30 years ago, George Nesfield began creating a wonderful Japanese Garden.

The size of the garden is only 70 feet long by 35 feet wide, and is a tribute to what can be achieved - Koi Carp, Moongates, and the nice thing is, George shares the development of the garden with us. Below is a fantastic stone lantern set against the backdrop of a stunning stone bridge. In the foreground you can see Georges pride and joy - the Koi. For more pictures of the Koi, please click here.

image courtesy of George Nesfield

Below is a traditional Shisi Odishi used to frighten off animals such as deer. The traditional way was to place it within a stream or water course ,running off some of the water to pour through the bamboo pipe. So for it to work with water run off from a stream in your Japanese garden it needs placing near a waterfall.

image courtesy of George Nesfield

We are very pleased to show you this garden and I hope that it will help you in your passion to create your own little bit of Japan. You can see from the picture below the number of granite statues including a stone multi-tiered pagoda. To complete the wonderful surroundings, George has incorporated granite stepping stones.

image courtesy of George Nesfield

Please visit the website at http://koi-z-are-us.20m.com

We aim to make this part of our website a resource to show the best of design and ideas - if you want your garden to be considered, please just let us know.