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Showcase gardens

Showcase your garden at JapanGarden.co.uk

At JapanGarden.co.uk, we believe one of the ways you can create a beautiful garden is to look at the efforts of other people worldwide making their gardens.

Gardens within the UK

  Showcase garden: Chris Gare
  Showcase garden: Compton Acres
  Showcase garden: Fanhamshall
  Showcase garden: George Nessfield
  Showcase garden: Jon Bradford
  Showcase garden: Mount Ephraim Gardens
  Showcase garden: Pine lodge
  Showcase garden: Sam Whiskey
  Showcase garden: The Birmingham Botanical Gardens
  Showcase garden: Japanese Garden Hackney, East London

Gardens outside the UK

Showcase garden: William Corey - Chasing the Dragon


We aim to showcase a different garden here each month and would be delighted to receive your digital pictures and some information about your garden. We would require 2 or 3 digital pictures - no more than 30kb each and about 100 words describing your garden. We could include an email link to you if you so wished.

Of course, in sending your pictures and information you agree to our use of them here.

As well as free promotion of your garden, we will provide you with a link to your website