Solar Oxygenator

Solar Oxygenator
solar pond oxygenator
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Solar Oxygenator
Air pump suitable for small to medium sized ponds (up to 5000 litres)
2 airstones with 6.5ft : 2m long tubes

2 Operation modes:

Daytime operation –particularly suitable for ponds with nooxygenating plants
Night operation –suitable for ponds with oxygenating plants.

Provides more oxygenation in hotter, sunnier conditions when it is
needed most.
Powered by a separate solar panel (supplied).
Battery for night operation or to provide more consistent daytime
10ft : 3m cable to solar panel.
No wiring, simply install and enjoy.
Air flow rate 180 l/h
No operating costs

Technical Specification
Solar Panel
Voltage 6V Power 2W
Voltage 4.8 V Capacity 700 mAh
Voltage 4-12 V Flow Rate 180 I/h