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Solar Pump System NN121 2 m head -battery back up

Solar Pump System NN121 2 m head -battery back up
Solar Pump System NN121 2 m head -battery back up
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Solar Pump System NN121

Technical data

Module: Max rated power 10 W
Nominal voltage 17 V
Dim. (L x W x H) 410 x 245 x 25 mm
Pump: Operating voltage 12-24 V
Consumption approx 4-13 W
Head 0.8 up to 2 m
Capacity 470-750 l / h
Dim. (L x W x H) 100 x 66 x 70 mm

Delivery head Max 2 m
Specification With battery box 12 V/7 Ah and LED light ring
Panel nominal voltage 17 V
Output Max 750 l/h
Module nominal power 10 Wp

Highlights & details

Max head 2 m
Max flow 750 l / h


Solar Pump System Napoli LED - the product details below will help you select and purchase the item you want at Conrad online:

Perfect combination of solar module, battery storage with adjustable output voltage, submersible pump and ring for LED lighting effects. An effective illuminated fountain for garden ponds or decorative lighting design for a source rock. The solar panel generates enough energy in sunlight in the summer at the pump to operate with light and simultaneously charge the battery. This will give the evening a delightful illuminated water feature in the garden pond. There is also the possibility of the pump light with a switch on the battery box to activate it in the evening and so you can enjoy this spectacle of light even in darkness for several hours. Has an integrated controller in the battery box, the voltage and thus the performance of the pump 12 to 24 V regulated. Plug-in system with brushless pump with dry running and overload protection and LED lighting. It can be generated with the 4 risers and two different sprinkler heads (3-stage water fountain and bell) different fountains.


With dry-running and overload protection.

Included in delivery

Submersible pump with 5m cable
Tubing and nozzle attachments for two different fountains opportunities
LED lighting
Including battery storage battery
Solar module.

Do not operate in winter because of risk of frost!

Important. This unit will only operate at 100% efficiency when the panel is in full sunlight. The output is reduced on cloudy or dull days