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Solid Copper Rain Chain (Crown cup)

Solid Copper Rain Chain (Crown cup)
crown cup rain chain
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This fantastic Japanese style rain chain, made of thick copper comprises of beautifully made, riveted "crown cups".

Each copper cup in joined to the next with heavy gauge copper links, to produce a fabulous cascade of water flowing gracefully between the cups. These chains look even better in time as the bright new copper will weather to a delightful "Verdigris patina".

Each crown cup measures 76dia x 70 deep with a bottom weight of 123 dia x 65 deep Rain chains are normally finished at ground level with a weight to keep the chain taught, the water from the chain may be fed into a large pot or suitable drain covered in pebbles.

This lovely rain chain is sold in a standard 2.7 m (8` 8") length and may be shortened or lengthened. Easy to install, chain plus weight is 3.0 kg (6.5lbs).