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SunJet 150 Plus Mini Solar Pump Kit

SunJet 150 Plus Mini Solar Pump Kit
sunjet 150 solar pump
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Create your own exciting water feature with our SunJet 150 Plus Mini Solar Pump Kit. Finally, a solar pump kit you can use anywhere, anytime to create your own stunning water feature. Featuring the world's best solar technology from Germany, this product offers unparalled performance, power and dependability.
This mini water pump is powered by solar energy, (solar panel included) allowing you to run your pump all day long with no operating costs! The kit comes complete with three heads for a tranquilly beautiful water display up to 10 inches high.
A sixteen foot cable allows easy placement of your solar panel for maximum direct sunlight exposure. Easy assembly with no tools required!

* Submersible
* Suitable for use in a birdbath or fountain bowl
* Create your own water feature
* RWE solar panel included
* Low voltage water pump with pump pre-filter
* Includes 3 different fountain heads
* 3m cable to solar panel
* Operates in direct sunlight
* Fountain spray height up to 10 inches *
* Water flow capacity: 35 GPH
* Environmentally friendly and safe
* No operating costs
* Multi-lingual packaging and instruction manual
* 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty


* * Maximum fountain spray height = 10 inches using the fountain heads that are included
* This pump is NOT capable of pushing water up 10 inches through tubing (tubing is not included and not suitable for use with this pump)
* This pump is NOT strong enough to pump water in a barrel fountain and through an ornamental hand pump, operating a small waterfall, etc.
* This pump is NOT suitable for use in a pond - floating particles in a pond will clog the pump quickly - recommended for use in a birdbath or fountain bowl only
* Not for use in swimming pools or salt water
* Full sun exposure to the solar panel is required for operation
* All flow rates and other specifications are as supplied by the manufacturer and assuming optimum weather conditions
* Solar equipment will not operate in indirect sunlight, during cloud cover or at night
* Solar energy is not stored during the day and released at night
* The pump will only work while the solar panel is exposed to direct sunlight