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Japanese households generally consist of one or more traditional Japanese style rooms with tatami floors and modern rooms that usually have wooden floors. Tatami mats are made of straw or other natural fibres. You should always take off your slippers when stepping on tatami mats in order to protect them from damage.

tatami mat

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Traditional Japanese style tatami rooms have an alcove (tokonoma) in which a hanging scroll (kakejiku) and a flower arrangement (ikebana) or piece of pottery is displayed. The room entrances are sliding paper doors (fusuma) and sliding paper screens (shoji) which can be removed completely.

tatami mat

Being compact and light, tatami mats are easy to lay and put away.
They are multi-purpose, so you can use them as a traditional floor covering, a spare mattress, in the garden, for camping, on a beach or for a picnic.

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Our Tatami are made in China from natural materials, the surface cover of the tatami is made of highest quality organically grown rush grass. The core is made of natural hemp palm fibres, which regulate humidity.

The hemp palm fibres of the base are mixed with charcoal and ceramic. The fibres are elastic and flexible, providing you with the right degree of firmness.
Although not documented, the long infrared rays radiated by these two ingredients are "said to be effective for allergies, neuralgia, or a stiff neck and induce deep sleep and assist the circulation of the blood."

How to care for your Tatami
Tatami are greenish when new, and over time, will dry to become a tan color. Please remember to keep Tatami dry to avoid possible mildew of grass from humidity. Please avoid wet cleaners. It is recommended to remove Tatami quarterly and let them sun dry for an afternoon. If your area is damp, please invest in a de-humidifier to protect your Tatami, and avoid possible mildew. You can freshen and protect them with a light dusting of cornstarch from time to time as well. Just like a mattress, it is also good to rotate from time to time to avoid wear from highly trafficked areas. Vacuum Tatami along grain for general cleaning. And as always, try not to walk on them with shoes! Tatami mats do not take kindly to having large heavy items of furniture placed on them due to the fibres being crushed so please use some sort of protection for this.
We are confident that you will appreciate the feel of your Tatami and with proper care, your Tatami should last for many years to come.