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Torii / Torri Entrance

Torii / Torri Entrance
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Torii are an important element in a Japanese Garden.

Here we illustrate the various styles of Torii.

All can be adapted in size.
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Torii may be unpainted or painted vermilion and black. The color black is limited to the kasagi and the nemaki .Very rarely torii can be found also in other colors.
The kasagi may be reinforced underneath by a second horizontal lintel called shimaki or shimagi
Kasagi and the shimaki may have an upward curve called sorimashi

The nuki is often held in place by wedges (kusabi). The kusabi in many cases are purely ornamental.

At the center of the nuki there may be a supporting strut called gakuzuka, sometimes covered by a tablet carrying the name of the shrine .

The pillars often rest on a white stone ring called kamebara or daiishi The stone is sometimes replaced by a decorative black sleeve called nemaki

At the top of the pillars there may be a decorative ring called daiwa
The gate has a purely symbolic function and therefore there usually are no doors or board fences, but exceptions exist.