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Can be manufactured out of stone, there are some made in bronze, and concrete but in general, they are enamelled wood gantries of red lacquer.

The general name for Torii is commonly Myôjin Torii , Portal of God of Light , but there are all kinds of Torii.

A typical Myôjin Torii is an assembly of two cylindrical pillars, on which rest Nuki (6), cross whose two ends overhang on each side, Shimagi (1) and Kasagi (2), two curved pieces of wood.

Torii of the Hachiman style , a style particular to the Sanctuary of God the Truth, are constructed of cylindrical pillars, a cross-piece, Shimagi glaze, these last elements are not curved. The pillars are generally parallel.

Our manufacturing company will give you a quote for Torii to your specification - Please note that these are UK manufactured representations and not authentic, or we can obtain traditionally made Torii direct from Japan if you so wish.

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