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Wind Koi Koinobori

Wind Koi Koinobori
Wind Koi Wind Koi Wind Koi Wind Koi
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The brighly coloured wind koi Koinobori flags are attached everywhere in Japan, as the 5th of May festival moves closer. Parents hope that their sons become just as strong and healthy as the Koi, which are strong enough to swim river upward and fall jump up waterfalls. A set from flags normally consists of three or more Koi. The large black Koi represents the father.
According to a Japanese childrens song represents the red one represents the firstborn son. The smaller, usually green and blue stand for the other sons of the family.
The tradition of the Windkoi in Japan goes back far. It is said that Samurai in the Edo period (1603 - 1868) manufactured the first Windkoi. The Koi has then been a symbol of health.
The two smaller 50 and 80 cms windkoi are only available in Red/Pink and Blue